Beekeeping with respect for bee and nature

Who am I ?

After giving it long (almost 2 years) and lots of thoughts, lots of reading and research, but mostly because of the pure love for nature and passion for bees, I can finally present you my findings in text.

First let me introduce myself : I am Geert Steelant and I've been passionately working in, with and around nature in a variable ways and activities.

I have spend 10 years of my active career in France, where I started working at a tree nursery, specialized in grafting and to oculate.

My last 5 years in France I've been gardening the 1360 hectares domain of Château De La Porte in Sandillion.

The domain counted hundreds of beehives in the forrest and finally I was able to let my passion for bees pop.

We harvested twice a year : Acacia and Chestnut, the rest of the honey was for the bees ; know that they were already beekeeping using the natural way and with the "Warré" hives.

Over there, I learned to make hives and all there is to know about beekeeping in a natural way.

Back in Belgium, I got back to work in the "nature branch", although there was no time for beekeeping.

In 2014 I suffered a cerebral infarction, 8 months after opening my new business "Bloem-en tuin NOF" an ecological garden center ; sadly, this forced me to close down my business.

After a revalidation of 10 months, it became clear that I wouldn't be able to get to work again, and the urge to start beekeeping again became stronger.

Slowly but surly, I started to build a "bee tower" ; it took me longer than a year to finish it, but I did it !

I started to think about a way to build a hive where we could fight the Varroa Mite... in the meantime, this beehive is a fact.

The predator mite I will use is the Stratiolaelaps Scimitus (also known as Hypoaspis Miles).

This is still a pilot project, and I'm getting help and assistance from the Dutch Company :