The Warré hive

Which hive to choose ?

There are several reasons why my personal choice for natural beekeeping goes to the "Warré hive".

The abbot Éloi François Émile Warré (March 9, 1867 at Grébault-Mesnil - April 20, 1951) made a simple, but huge study about the behavior of bees in the wild.

He made 350 different hives and so found the one where the bees were on their best behavior : the Warré hive was born.

The hive is quite small, and only has an inner size of 30cmx30cm (11,81 inch X 11,81 inch) ; a height of 21cm (8,26inch) and thickness of 2,5cm (0,98 inch).

There are 8 frames per bin (hive).

The original Warré hive was not foreseen of a queen grid / raster nor a Varroa grid.

Several times, this hive has been adjusted by many others in the past, and so did I..., my adjustments are based on the most natural way of beekeeping as I see it.

Of course, one can use any beehive for natural beekeeping, but as I stipulated before, the hive "type Warré" has my preference ; it does have more differences than for example : beekeeping with Simplex.