What is natural bee-keeping ?


We all have an idea of what "beekeeping in a natural way" is about, but the most important aspect of it, is the love and respect for nature and bees.

Bees have everything to survive on their own, in normal conditions.

Throughout the years, these "normal conditions" of the bees have been influenced by mankind : the disappearance of -> flowering meadows, hedges between farmlands, clearing forests, excessive mowing of roadsides, the use of pesticides and weed killers...

Because of the disappearance of these natural barriers, the biggest enemy of the bee found its way to here, namely : "the Varroa Mite"

Lots of products were, and still are made and used to destroy that Varroa Mite, but nevertheless, this Mite keeps coming back to the beehives.

To combat the Varroa Mite in a biological way is one part of "beekeeping in a natural way" or "bio-beekeeping".

The other part is the choice of the hive, and leaving the honey in the hive during winter (winter food).